Best Mics for Sony A7SIII

After a long wait, Sony finally introduced their low-light and video beast, A7SIII, in July 2020. It features a 12MP full-frame sensor, 4K recording at up to 120 fps along with 1080p video recording at up to 240 fps, high-performance autofocus, a fully articulating screen and so much more.

Sony A7SIII is an incredibly capable camera that will surely attract many videographers and can be used for basically any purpose you can think of including filming events, short films, wedding videography, YouTube etc. Of course, no matter what you plan on using it for, you should definitely invest in an external microphone as audio quality is just as important as the quality of your videos. With that in mind, let’s check out the best mics for Sony A7SIII.

best mics sony a7siii
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Best Microphones for Sony A7SIII

Below, we’ll be going over five different mics, all of which have certain unique features and come in at different price points. Without further ado, here are the best microphones for Sony A7SIII.

Rode VideoMic NTG

The VideoMic NTG is the latest and greatest on-camera microphone offering from this veteran company. Rode’s mic looks beautiful and comes equipped with many great features you’d expect from a high-end mic. It includes a variable gain control dial that allows you to smoothly adjust the gain, a safety channel, rechargeable battery that will also intelligently turn on or off depending on the state of your camera thus preserving battery life.

The NTG delivers top-notch audio that is natural and uncolored and has a couple of useful features that will help you get even better audio quality. These include a high-pass filter that reduces far-away noises like the ones coming from air conditioners as well as a high frequency boost that enhances clarity in the treble range. Rode’s VideoMic NTG has another really interesting feature – you can connect it to your laptop/desktop computer or smartphone and use it as an external microphone. Overall, this mic is our favorite choice for Sony A7SIII.

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Sony ECM-B1M

This microphone from Sony is the most expensive option on this list but if you don’t mind the price, it’s definitely an excellent option. Sony ECM-B1M was released alongside the A7RIV and is designed for Sony cameras with Multi Interface Shoe. Of course, it will work flawlessly with the new A7SIII as well.

Thanks to the built-in Digital Audio Interface on this camera, the ECM-B1M can deliver digital audio stream directly to the camera through the shoe mount. This leads us to perhaps the biggest advantage of this microphone – there’s no need for any additional cables and it’s extremely simple to use. There’s also a noise cancelling feature that works pretty well. Of course, the audio quality is very good, which is exactly what you’d expect from its price but it’s really the convenience factor that will attract most people to this mic.

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Rode VideoMic Pro+

The VideoMic Pro+ brings a couple of new features when compared to Rode’s older VideoMic Pro. The Pro is still being sold but now that the Pro+ is out we definitely recommend getting the updated model, which comes with a rechargeable (and removable) battery and the auto power on/off feature. With the aforementioned VideoMic NTG you’re stuck with using the built-in battery but with the VideoMic Pro+ you can use off the shelf AAs as well, which definitely makes it more versatile in some situations.

Rode VideoMic Pro+ offers high quality audio, although it is definitely more bassy than the natural sounding NTG. It’s up to your personal preference wether you like this or not. As far as some extra features, the Pro+ also comes with a gain button that can go from -10 to 0 and all the way up to +20 dB, and the microphone also features a high-pass filter and high frequency boost. All things considered, this is another versatile and high-quality microphone from Rode.

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Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

While Deity microphones haven’t been available on the market as long as Rode mics, this company is making pretty solid products. Their V-Mic D3 Pro offers many of the features found on the VideoMic NTG at a slightly lower price, which will surely attract some people.

When it comes to audio quality, Deity V-Mic D3 Pro delivers natural sound and is relatively similar to the Rode VideoMic NTG, although we prefer the NTG a bit more. Like we mentioned earlier, it shares quite a few features with the Rode mic including a rechargeable battery, gain knob and the ability to be used with your computer or smartphone. However, it doesn’t have certain advanced features like the safety channel, so keep that in mind if you need this type of functionality from a microphone.

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Deity V-Mic D3

Need a lightweight and compact microphone that is very affordable and still sounds really good? Deity V-Mic D3 may be just what you need. Not only is it the smallest microphone on this list, but it’s also the most affordable one. What surprised us the most is that it sounds nearly as good as the D3 Pro. Of course, because of the lower price, it doesn’t come with a gain dial, rechargeable battery or advanced features like a high-pass filter.

This microphone is powered by a single AAA battery that should deliver more than 160 hours of recording time. When you take everything into consideration, this microphone definitely offers a lot of value for its price but we still wouldn’t recommend it for professional use. However, it’s a great option for YouTubers or vloggers, for example.

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We hope that our guide helped you pick the right microphone for your Sony A7SIII.

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