Best Mics for Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 was released in 2020 along with the EOS R6 and it represents the company’s top-of-the-line mirrorless camera. It’s aimed at professionals, both photographers and videographers.

Specs wise, the EOS R5 is incredibly powerful. It packs 45MP full-frame sensor, 8K video recording capabilities (in RAW), 4K. video recording at up to 120 fps and more. Of course, you also get in-body image stabilization, great autofocus, a high-resolution fully articulating touchscreen etc. This makes the EOS R5 an amazing tool for anything from filming events, short films, interviews, wedding videography, YouTube (although it might be an overkill for just that) and more.

Of course, if you plan on using this camera for videography, you should also invest in a high-quality external microphone and we have a couple of on-camera mic suggestions for you. Here are the best mics for Canon EOS R5.

best mics canon eos r5
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Best Microphones for Canon R5

In this guide, we’ll cover a total of four different microphones, all of which are unique in a certain way and come in at different prices. With that in mind, let’s check out the best microphones for Canon R5.

Rode VideoMic NTG

The VideoMic NTG is our top choice for the EOS R5. It’s the latest on-camera microphone in Rode’s lineup (as of the time of writing this guide) and it packs some wonderful features. These include a variable gain control dial, safety channel, high frequency boost that enhances detail and clarity in the treble range, as well as high-pass filter that reduces noises from things like air conditioners, traffic etc. The microphone also comes with a rechargeable battery along with auto on/off feature that will preserve battery life.

Rode VideoMic NTG delivers natural, uncolored sound and it’s our favorite of the bunch, which doesn’t mean other mics don’t deliver high quality audio as well. It’s made out of aerospace-grade aluminum and is quite lightweight. Another bonus feature we love about it – you can easily plug it into your computer or smartphone and use it as an external mic. All things considered, the NTG is our top choice for Canon EOS R5.

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Rode VideoMic Pro+

This microphone is an update to the most popular on-camera mic of all time – the VideoMic Pro. The Pro+ brings some modern features including a rechargeable battery and auto power on/off functionality. You can also remove the battery it comes with and use a pair of off the shelf AAs instead. This is a great option if you find yourself unable to charge the battery for some reason and is one of the reasons some may find the Pro+ more alluring than the VideoMic NTG.

When it comes to quality of the audio, it’s pretty great and a slight upgrade over the older VideoMic Pro model. Compared to the NTG, it delivers more low end, which some people may not prefer. The Pro+ doesn’t have a gain dial, but it does come with a gain button that allows you to go from -10, 0 or +20 dB. It also offers a high-pass filter and high frequency boost. Although we prefer the NTG, we’re certain some people will enjoy certain features and looks of the Pro+ more, which is exactly why we included it on the list.

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Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

Although Deity hasn’t been around as long as Rode, they definitely make high quality mics. In fact, the V-Mic D3 Pro shares many features with the VideoMic NTG and is slightly more affordable, which will surely attract videographers trying to save some cash.

The D3 Pro is made out of aluminum, comes with a rechargeable battery and a gain dial on the back of the device. Just like the previous mics we mentioned, it will also preserve battery life thanks to the auto on/off feature. You can also use it with your laptop or smartphone with the included TRRS cable, which is great for people who shoot videos and also do voiceovers, for example. Audio quality is very respectable and almost as good as on Rode’s VideoMic NTG. It does lack some features found on the NTG that may be very useful to certain shooters like the safety channel.

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Deity V-Mic D3

The V-Mic D3 is the most affordable mic on this list but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice. In fact, it may be just the mic you need for certain situations like vlogging or other cases where you need to keep the size of your camera rig as small as possible. It’s compact and lightweight, and sounds pretty good (nearly the same as the D3 Pro)! To keep its cost down, Deity decided not to include extra features like gain dial or a rechargeable battery. Instead, it powered by an AAA battery.

If you’re searching for a solid microphone without too much fancy features that allow for additional control, this is a great option. The V-Mic D3 sounds nearly identical to the D3 Pro but it lacks features like the gain control dial (you’re stuck with the camera’s built-in preamps in this case). The D3 also doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery and is instead powered by an AAA battery. All things considered, this mic is a great choice for the price and will work great for certain uses, but we wouldn’t recommend it for professional use.

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We hope that our guide helped you pick the right microphone for your Canon EOS R5.

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