Best Mics for Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Canon M50 Mark II is an update to Canon’s very popular and affordable mirrorless camera. It is actually very similar to its predecessor but there are a couple of advantages that make it a better choice. The new model features better autofocus system that can now track eyes. You can also shoot vertical videos, which is great for platforms like Instagram or stream directly to YouTube Live via your smartphone, which can be another useful use case for this camera.

All things considered, the M50 Mark II is a decent option for beginner videographers, up-and-coming YouTubers and other video creators. Of course, the built-in microphone isn’t really impressive (like on pretty much any camera), so we highly suggest you grab an external mic for this camera. Let’s take a look at some of the best mics for Canon M50 Mark II.

best mics canon m50 mark ii
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Best Microphones for Canon EOS M50 II

The M50 is a pretty affordable camera, so we would suggest against buying the most expensive microphone option for it. It makes sense only if you plan on upgrading to a better camera in a not so distant future and want the absolute best audio from the get go. For most people going with our second or third option may be the best choice. Alright, here are the best microphones for Canon M50 Mark II.

Rode VideoMic NTG

Although VideoMic NTG is always one of our top suggestions, it may be an overkill for this particular camera. However, if you want the best audio or plan on upgrading to a higher-end camera in the near future, this can still be a great choice. The mic features excellent build quality (it’s built out of aerospace grade aluminum) and the audio is excellent – very natural and uncolored.

Rode VideoMic NTG comes with many useful features that you’d expect on a mic of this price like a rechargeable battery and gain control dial. Of course, it has many additional features that make it a better option for pros than beginners shooters. These include a safety channel, high-pass filter (reduces distant noises like the rumble of air conditioners) and high frequency boost (enhances clarity in the treble range). Another great feature of this mic is the fact that you can also use it with your smartphone or computer.

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Deity V-Mic D3

For most video shooters using the M50 Mark II, the V-Mic D3 is the best option. It’s way cheaper than the aforementioned Rode VideoMic NTG, yet it still sounds good. Of course, the NTG is still a better sounding mic and it has numerous features that are missing on the V-Mic D3, but we still think this microphone provides a lot of value for its price.

The D3 doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery and it’s instead powered by an AAA battery. There’s no gain dial so your controls over the gain are limited and you’re relying on the camera’s preamps. That being said, it’s compact, sounds good and is quite affordable!

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Rode VideoMicro

If you’re looking for the smallest and lightest option, the VideoMicro is definitely the one for you. It’s a great option for vloggers and other people who need a very small setup. The great thing about this microphone is the fact that it doesn’t require batteries to work. It’s powered by the camera, which means you never have to worry about batteries for this mic. Of course, it won’t sound as good as previously mentioned mics but that’s understandable when you take into account its size and price.

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We hope that our guide helped you find the right microphone for your Canon EOS M50 Mark II.

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